Our Services... and our Partners

Our services :

• Support in sorting and organizing your original stock :

  1. Sorting of your bottles,
  2. Creation of your wine cellar book for the Cavilux® app.

• Definition of your dream wine cellar :

  1. Total number of bottles,
  2. Breakdown by regions,
  3. Budget per region and per bottle.

• Set up of your wine cellar base,
• Storage and management of your new cellar,
• Online restocking with our partners wine merchants.

Our partners :

- Wine merchants :

Our partner wine merchants are wine experts who are renown for their competency.
They will advise you on choosing your wines (which they have all tasted) and will offer you excellent deals on numerous bottles.
You can trust them, we have known them for years !

- Les Vins du Rhône in St-Etienne in Loire region (00 33 (0)4 77 39 00 76)
- La Cave de la Madeleine in St-Germain-Laval in Loire region (00 33 (0)4 77 65 53 05) where you can discover our wooden cabinets Casilux® !
- Le Caviste de Billom in Billom in Puy-de-Dôme region (00 33 (0)4 73 73 33 39)

- Private club :

- Octave
Octave is a Premium service provider for purchasing wine and creating your ideal wine cellar.

- Professional platforms :

- ArchiExpo
Follow us on ArchiExpo, the online Media-Commerce platform specialized in Architecture and design.
- Houzz
And also on Houzz, the professional online platform for home remodeling and design.
- Domozoom
Follow us on Domozoom, the online Media-Commerce platform specialized in Architecture, Home remodelling and Garden design.