The Cellar

Our concept is particularly suitable for properly insulated closed rooms or spaces. However, underground or half-buried cellars can be fitted specifically. Please contact us.

• Each project is unique and designed thanks to a specific software making it possible to completely integrate the project in the dedicated space,
• The building is made from adjustable, lit (with a radio switch making it possible to lit the cellar remotely) and wooden cabinets (Casilux®) of different sizes,
• The project implementation can be as simple as providing the building elements to delivering an all-inclusive solution including design, building, installation and climate control.

Our service does not include the creation of the dedicated space (preparation of walls, floor, ceiling, openings, insulation, electricity). However, we are fully available to advise you.

Casilux® is a patented wooden cabinet for sorting and stocking wine bottles.

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Casilux® is mainly made of panels composed of 3 cross-laminated inner layers of solid wood. Stable, moisture-resistant and visually pleasing, this material is one of the highest performing of its generation.
Thanks to a wide range of color, Casilux® can be adapted to any wine cellar.

Its characteristics are :
• Adjustable thanks to simple or double diagonal separators, so as to stock 24 bottles by multiples of 6, up to 36 bottles removing diagonal separators. With room for as many as 144 bottles per square meter, it has an exceptional storage capacity !
• Lit by horizontal or vertical LEDs, adjustable in color and intensity,
• Numbered to be associated with the CAVILUX® APP.

Examples of projects : (Please go to the 3D PROJECTS tab to see our other projects)

Example of an all-inclusive project :